Croatia – Zagreb
Event date: from 16 June 2012 to 23 June 2012
Do you want to learn more about renewable energy but don’t know where to start?
Our interactive learning center provides a comprehensive overview so that you can quickly gain a basic understanding of the major renewable energy technologies and concepts. From high level concepts to a deeper understanding of renewable energy and related technologies, browse through the learning center to broaden your understanding of these rapidly evolving sectors.
CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES provides green career seekers with the guidance, motivation, and direction they need to uncover their passions and plug into the green economy quickly and efficiently.
Our resource area, community, and coaching options enable you to:
  • Make more progress, more quickly with a guide to show you the best way to reach your green career goal.
  • Save time by knowing what to do next with a time-tested step-by-step plan.
  • Use your time wisely with organized, updated, online resources available 24/7.

  • Stay focused and in action with the personal touch of a coach who tracks your progress, keeps you on target, and inspires you to expand your vision.
  • Discover where your skills and experience fit within the emerging green economy.
  • Connect with other mid-career professionals who share your values and want to contribute to the emerging green economy.
  • Exude confidence, clarity, and excitment as you share your golas with your networking contacts and interview for positions.

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EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) is a core activity of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign. Every year hundreds of organisations and individuals participate in the EUSEW by hosting Energy Day events and activities that promote energy efficiency and renewable energy sources.
Through bottom-up efforts, organisers of EUSEW Energy Days, events and activities connect directly with citizens and energy stakeholders at the local, regional and national levels. The combined results of EUSEW efforts are helping Europe reach its energy goals.
An Energy Day is defined as a not-for-profit event, activity, project, exhibition or display that promotes energy efficiency or renewable energy. It must take place between 18 and 22 June 2012 (weekends before and after are also acceptable).
For assistance, please contact:

– Assistance to organisers of events in Brussels: brussels|a|
– Assistance to organisers of events outside of Brussels: energydays|a|
– Assistance to attendees: attendees|a|
– General inquiries and information: info|a|
– Media Relations: media.relations|a|