Pedal Your Way to Fitness and Light!

The idea behind Healthy Electricity, a stationary bike, is nothing new. It converts kinetic energy into electric energy, to juice up your gadgets and maybe work small lamps etc. What’s cool is the implementation of the idea and the final outcome of the bike. The sleek form makes it easy to fit into any household and tempt you enough to at least get fit and electric!

Healthy Electricity is a 2011 *Liteon Award entry.

*Echoing the prominent design philosophy of “Less is More,” the main theme of 2012 Lite-On Award, “Tech it Easy,” encourages designers return to simplicity and utility when designing technology products. “Tech it Easy” plays on the phrase of “take it easy” which not only emphasizes on user-friendliness but also on less complexity and reducing energy usage in product design.
2012 Lite-On Award invites all designer from the world to elaborate their creative ideas on designing technological products combining both simplicity and pragmatism, expecting that the design is easy-to-use which makes life more convenient via technology people put smile on their faces when using them. 

CCRES special thanks to Designers: Cao Yuan, Wu Hao, Xu Wen, Xiong Luyao, Cao Wenqi & Zho Una
Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources (CCRES)