ECO-friendly cars on the road today by CCRES

If you are concerned about the impact of fossil fuels and automobile emissions, you may want to consider buying one of the top 10 eco-friendly cars on the road today:

1) Nissan Altima: While you might expect to see cars with new names on this list, one of the best “green” cars currently on the market is the Altima. It’s a mid-sized sedan so it comfortably seats a family of four (with room for another if necessary). While it is not a hybrid, it is still a low-emission vehicle, so you can still drive a stylish, modern vehicle and do your part to help the environment.

2) Ford Fusion: This is a vehicle with which you are probably familiar. It’s made in America and averages a mileage of 41 miles per gallon in the city! It is also affordable and suitable for families.

3) Ford Escape Hybrid: If you have a larger family or simply prefer a large vehicle and you still want to reduce your emissions, this could be the car for you. As an SUV you get a lot of the power you might need as well as the safety your family demands with a generous 34 MPG in the city.

4) Honda Insight: This is one of the newest cars to enter the hybrid/eco-vehicle category. Ringing at just under $20,000 it is a little more affordable for a hybrid and it is trendy, has great fuel economy, and bears the Honda name, so you know it’s of a lasting quality.

5) Honda Civic Hybrid: The Honda Civic consistently ranks among the most popular cars in the United States so it only seems natural that Honda would produce a Hybrid as well. It’s an ideal family sedan; it’s sleek and contemporary; and of course it is trustworthy. If you like this car, keep your eyes open for updates because new features are added all the time.

6) Toyota Prius: A third-generation hybrid, the Prius got off to a rocky start with its less-than-favorable body design. However, it is still one of the best hybrid vehicles on the market because it provides several of the best eco-friendly features and is quite affordable.

7) Mercury Milan Hybrid: This is one of the few new cars on the market for 2011 that offers an entirely electric option. If you so choose, you can travel up to 47 miles in one hour on a full electric charge. While this makes it dependable as a green model, it also makes it one of the fastest green models available on the market. There are also two different models of this particular car so you have your choice of a more practical or sporty look, depending on your tastes.

8) Chevrolet Volt 230: This is another of the newest cars to hit the 2011 market. It is also one of the most exciting because speculation suggests that this car can travel up to 230 city miles on a single gallon of gas! However, it can also travel up to 40 miles at a time between charging. As you can imagine, this car is quite expensive, but with rising gas prices what you save on fuel could quickly compensate you the initial expense.

9) Lexus HS: If luxury is what you desire, this sedan may be perfect for you. You still get all the exquisite features you have come to expect from the Lexus brand, but with 35 MPG.

10) Porsche Cayenne Hybrid: Finally, a high-end vehicle for the eco-conscious, this is the ultimate status vehicle. Obviously, it looks beautiful, and you can expect to pay a pretty penny for it.

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