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PROINSO is a company from Navarra who focuses their activities in the field of Renewable Energies and more specifically in the area of Grid connected Photovoltaics.

When conducting a photovoltaic solar installation, the choice of materials to use or the company in which we place our trust throughout the course of our project is the most important decision. The cost is an important factor, but the system to be implemented must ensure full compliance with the requirements of the project and ensure its long-term duration.
Our team focuses on the individual support for each project, analyzing and implementing solutions to ensure our facilities and engineering company achieve their project goal, i.e. the appropriate use of a renewable energy source and optimizing costs while complying fully with the features and standards required.

Our constant efforts to exceed the expectations of installers and engineering companies to whom we supply not only material, but support through our services, have resulted in high levels of customer satisfaction and a reputation for reliability earned by PROINSO within the global photovoltaic industry.

The activity focuses primarily on the Supply and Distribution of Equipment required for the development of the project, from photovoltaic modules to fixed structures and 2-axis solar tracking systems, to inverters or converters and other supply necessary for project implementation. Always using top quality, prestigious and power efficient equipment.

The projects on which PROINSO centre their Distribution are mainly focused on the following divisions following a classification depending on the location of the facility:

Grid connected photovoltaic installations on BUILDINGS using fixed structures. Installation on Roofs and distributed both to individual installers, and installers integrated into the NETWORK OF QUALIFIED INSTALLERS, who carry out the “turnkey” projects for customers with PROINSO supplying the materials in these projects.
Photovoltaic installations connected to the grid on private or public LAND. The facilities in Solar Photovoltaic Plants, which are typically carried out by large PV installers or construction companies. PROINSO can recommend several companies with which they normally work in this field to carry out an EPC contract.
From the standpoint of the classification of projects by size, PROINSO focuses on the distribution of photovoltaic material for:
SMALL private facilities from 5 kWp for individual clients on their own land or rooftops, either fixed or with solar tracking.
BIG private facilities for companies or individuals who wish to diversify their investments and want to manage their own production facilities for renewable energy.
PV SOLAR POWER PLANTS – SOLAR FARMS – for developers and private investment groups but grouped in the same facility so as to minimize the common costs of investment and maintenance, insurance and land rentals.
From the standpoint of the type of structure PROINSO provides two possibilities:
On a fixed structure, regardless of the power installed, which can be used both on roofs and on land.
On trackers, PROINSO uses a 2-axis tracking system from MECASOLAR, which is recommended to obtain the best performance of the facility. In the case of to 2-axis Trackers from MECASOLAR production increase often exceeds 35%. In the case of 1- Axis Azimuth seasonal trackers the increase is around 28%, occupying less land than 2-axis systems.

The objective of the programme of QUALIFIED INSTALLERS is to guarantee and strengthen the development of their commercial and technical activity in all aspects regarding the “turnkey” installation, with sufficient guarantees of quality, delivery times and costs to meet the needs of customers and banks who will finance the projects.

Increase your strength and capacity as an installer by joining our network of installers. Join forces with PROINSO who have more than € 400 turnover and are present in 4 countries, with over 80 MW of modules, 140 invertors and 180 MW of trackers and structures supplied in 2008.

PROINSO is committed to exclusively transferring all the demands received from clients for turnkey facilities, according to the type of project, size or area of work, that each qualified installer specifies to us.

Mecasolar is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of state-of-the-art dual-axis solar tracking systems, seasonal single-axis azimuth trackers and fixed structures, making it possible to increase photovoltaic solar energy production by more than 35% with respect to fixed installations, offering a 10 year GUARANTEE on parts and workmanship. World-leading Mecasolar trackers and fixed structures are the securest, studiest, most efficient and profitable on the market.

MECASOLAR offers the PV energy market a wide range of structures and trackers aiming to cover the entire range customer needs in terms of photovoltaic systems. All designed and manufactured to obtain High Technology products.

Occupy a small area of land.
Increase production by 28% compared to a fixed installation.
Polar Axis is adaptable to the various seasons of the year leading to an increase in its production by 7% compared to single-axis trackers.
Models: MS-1E TRACKER 15, MS-1E TRACKER 15+ and MS-1E TRACKER 15+HE

Metal structure and grill for 15,36 kWp panels.
Automatic tracking with PLC in a fully wired independent panel, including motor guards, PLC power supply, varistors, etc.
Three-phase gear motor for azimuth axis.
Hook-up/connection cabinet for storing protectors (magnetothermic, differential, power surge protection), installed and fully wired.
MS-1E TRACKER 15+ y MS-1E TRACKER 15+HE models width SMA inverters for outdoor use.

Adaptable to different land orography.
Robust and Flexible.
Maximum capacity of modules on the same structure.
Models: Shallow-Based Footing and Direct Bolting:
Suministro 2 MW por semana
1 Single-row Modules MS-1C FIX MS-1T FIX
2 Single-row Modules MS-2C FIX MS-2T FIX
3 Single-row Modules MS-3C FIX MS-3T FIX
Direct Bolting:
System for fastening directly into the ground.
This system avoids the need for concreting and earth moving.
Lowers the costs of foundation.
Reduces execution times, no setting time.
Eliminates environmental impact
Easy to dismantle
Orographic study of the Land included
Directly anchored into the ground by MECASOLAR

Allow our customers to increase solar panel photovoltaic production by more than 35%.
Passive Safety.
Easy to Install and Maintain.
Models: MS-2 TRACKER 10 AND MS-2 TRACKER 10+

V-shaped metal structure and grill for up to 12 kWp panels
PLC tracking, in a fully equipped independent electric panel
Three phase motors on both axes
Hook-up/connection cabinet for storing protectors

V-shaped metal structure and grill for up to 12 kWp panels
PLC tracking, in a fully equipped independent electric panel
Three phase motors on both axes
Hook-up/connection cabinet for storing protectors (magnetothermic (PIA), differential, power surge protection), fully wired
3 SMA Sunny Boy inverters installed with 3.3 kW power rating for outdoors, IP 65

In 2010 Germany represented 15.67% of total PROINSO sales, with a turnover in that country in excess of 52 million euros from a total of 332 million.

The Spanish multinational specialized in the distribution of modules, inverters, trackers and fixed structures for solar photovoltaic installations, has 141 qualified installers in Germany.

From its new office in Munich, it will boost both its presence in the German market and its network of Qualified Installers.

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