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Solar Millennium AG is an international company in the renewable energy sector, with its main focus on solar-thermal power plants. In the technology of parabolic trough power plants the company has managed to take a globally leading position. The film shows emplayees explaining the technology and the tasks required in planning and construction of solar-thermal power plants by taking select projects as examples.

Here you see the english version of the Blythe Simulation. It contains a comparison with the Central Park in New York.

Von den fortgeschrittenen Projekten, die die amerikanische Projektentwicklungseinheit Solar Millennium LLC in den USA an verschiedenen Standorten (Blythe und Palen in Kalifornien sowie Amargosa Valley in Nevada) bearbeitet, liegt der Fokus derzeit auf dem Standort Blythe in Riverside County. Dort sollen bis zu vier solarthermische Kraftwerke mit einer Leistung von jeweils 242 MW entstehen. Die vier Anlagen zusammen bilden auf einer Grundfläche von 27,5 km² den derzeit größten projektierten Standort für solarthermische Kraftwerke der Welt und sind eines der wichtigsten Infrastrukturvorhaben in den USA.

Of all the advanced projects the U.S. project development unit Solar Millennium LLC is currently pursuing at different locations within the U.S. (Blythe and Palen in California as well as Amargosa Valley in Nevada), the Blythe location in Riverside County has top priority. Up to four solar-thermal power plants with a capacity of 242 MW each are to be built there. Together the four plants will cover an area of 27,5 km² and thus form the largest planned solar-thermal power plant location in the world as well as being one of the most important infrastructure projects in the U.S.

Solar Millennium hat die ersten Parabolrinnen-Kraftwerke Europas entwickelt. Die Andasol-Projekte befinden sich in Südspanien im Betrieb, der Inbetriebnahmephase bzw. in Bau. Es sind zugleich die derzeit größten Solarkraftwerke der Welt.

Solar Millennium has developed the Andasol power plants, the first parabolic trough power plants in Europe. They are also currently the largest solar power plants in the world.

Technology for the New Millennium.

In the new millennium, mankind is going to have to reconcile technology and the environment. Technological progress and the environment are no longer a contradiction in terms. Intelligent technologies for efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective electricity generation are in demand in the new millennium: the Solar Millennium!

Solar thermal power plants are able to replace conventional, fossil-fuel power plants. They can generate cost-effective electricity on demand using heat energy captured from solar radiation.

Solar Millennium is focusing on one technology for solar thermal electricity generation: parabolic trough power plants, a proven technology in which Solar Millennium is currently a market leader. Further renewable energy technologies are also being developed or monitored.

Solar Millennium Group has received order for licensing and engineering of parabolic trough collectors for two Spanish solar power plants

Erlangen, Cologne (Germany), 29 December 2010 CSP Solutions Consult GmbH, Cologne, a company of the Solar Millennium Group (ISIN DE0007218406), has issued two licenses for the use of its parabolic trough collector design Skal-ET at solar-thermal power plants in southern Spain. The first power plant, called Astexol-2, is being built by the Spanish general contractor Elecnor in the province Extremadura. The second project (also 50-megawatt) is being realized near Moron de la Frontera in Andalusia by the Spanish general contractor (Union Temporal de Empresas – UTE) Termosolar Moron, with participation of the Acciona Group and the EPC company Seridom and is owned by Ibereólica Solar Morón, S.L. In addition to the license, the orders also include an extensive engineering package for customizing the collector design to meet the respective site conditions and for the specification of components and for the installation of the collectors.

At approximately 366,000 sqm respectively 380,000 sqm, the collector space of these plants is smaller than the Andasol power plants developed by the Solar Millennium Group. This lies in the fact that thermal storage will not be used for both projects. The license only applies to these two parabolic trough plants. The Skal-ET collector design by the Solar Millennium Group has already been used in the first parabolic trough power plants in Europe, the Andasol plants in southern Spain, and the Kuraymat power plant project in Egypt.

Oliver Blamberger, member of the Executive Board of Solar Millennium: “These orders for our collector design demonstrate not only the competitiveness of our technology. They are also proof of the successful expansion of our business model along the value chain of solar thermal power plants”. Nonetheless the clear priority of Solar Millennium in the future will still be the realization of projects, which have been developed by the groups’ companies.

Dr. Wolfgang Knothe, CEO of the technology company Flagsol: “The order is a result of our considerable quality efforts as well as of our research and development activities within the Solar Millennium Group. As a leading technology company for parabolic trough power plants, we also want to further expand our license business in the future with products and services for all matters pertaining to solar-thermal power plants, thereby creating sustainable value added for our customers.”

The parties have agreed to keep the details of the contracts confidential.

About Solar Millennium AG:

Solar Millennium AG, Erlangen, is an international company in the renewable energy sector, with its main focus on solar-thermal power plants. Together with its subsidiaries and associates, the Company specializes in parabolic trough power plants and has managed to take a globally leading position in this field. Solar Millennium strives to further extend its expertise in the area of solar-thermal power plants with the aim of achieving and securing sustainable technology leadership. As such, the Company covers all important business sectors along the value chain for solar-thermal power plants: from project development and financing to the technology and the turnkey construction and operation of power plants. In Spain, Solar Millennium developed Europe’s first parabolic trough power plants and realized these together with partners. Additional projects are planned around the world with an overall capacity of more than 2,000 megawatts: here the current regional focus is on Spain, the US, India, China, the Middle East and North Africa. More information at

About Flagsol GmbH:

Flagsol GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, Germany, is a technology provider and general contractor of parabolic trough power plants. The joint venture between Solar Millennium AG (74.9 percent) and Ferrostaal AG (25.1 percent) combines the skills of both parent companies in project development and construction of these solar power plants. Flagsol is continually developing parabolic troughs with research and development projects aimed at further consolidating their competitive advantage. More information at

About CSP Solutions Consult GmbH:

CSP Solutions Consult GmbH, headquartered in Cologne, supplies consulting and other services for the planning, construction and operation of solar-thermal power plants. Given the marketability of the technology, the focus thus lies on the sale of collector licenses for parabolic trough power plants. The majority of CSP Solutions Consult (60 percent) is owned by the technology and power plant construction company within the Solar Millennium Group, Flagsol GmbH, in Cologne. The remaining shares are held by the Stuttgart-based engineering firm sbp sonne gmbh, which collaborated in the development of the collector design.

About solar-thermal power plant technology:

Solar-thermal power plants generate electricity by converting solar radiation into heat energy. In a parabolic trough power plant, trough-shaped mirrors concentrate the incidental radiation onto a pipe in the focal line of the collector. Its absorption heats a fluid heat medium in the pipe, generating steam in the power block through a heat exchanger. As in conventional power plants, the steam powers a turbine to generate electricity. By integrating thermal storage, electricity can be supplied on demand, even after sunset.

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CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES (CCRES)• was founded in 1988 as the non-profit European Association for Renewable Energy that conducts its work independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups, • is dedicated to the cause of completely substituting for nuclear and fossil energy through renewable energy, • regards solar energy supply as essential to preserve the natural resources and a prerequisite for a sustainable economy,• acts to change conventional political priorities and common infrastructures in favor of renewable energy, from the local to the international level, • brings together expertise from the fields of politics, economy, science, and culture to promote the entry of solar energy, • provides the opportunity to play a part in the sociocultural movement for renewable energy by joining the association for everyone, • considers full renewable energy supply a momentous and visionary goal - the challenge of the century to humanity. Zeljko Serdar Head of CCRES association

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