Project ENERGY EFFICIENCY COALITION: Giving to Your Community

At Project ENERGY EFFICIENCY COALITION and CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES, we believe that giving turns ordinary money into change, a change for the better. That’s why we ask each of our CCRES partner to think about what they can do in their community to give. Whether it’s volunteering for a community event, helping out a neighbor in need, or making a donation, the act itself doesn’t matter. Even the smallest act of giving can spark change.
As Project EEC and CCRES continues giving, we urge you to do the same. Ask yourself the question: What can you do?
Here are a few ideas to get you started:
Offer your skills. Consider offering your skills rather than goods. Help an elderly neighbor with household fixes, offer to repaint a community playground, rake leaves or mow the lawn of a neighbor who is unable to do it. Often these skills are needed just as much, if not more than money or goods.
Give to Charity. It doesn’t have to be about money. Volunteer. Get matched for volunteer activities in your community at check out for many well-known organizations.
Visit a nursing home. Take some of your free time and visit a nursing home. Read a book with an elderly person, talk about topics in the news, play cards and bring a little joy into both of your lives. You will probably come out with a new friend!
Help a school in your community. Offer to help distribute school lunches, check or grade papers for teachers, help during recess, or manage school activity functions.
Clean up your community. Participate in a local environmental clean-up day or start your own with family and friends. Go to your local parks, beaches, or hiking trails and pick up litter.
Send Holiday mail for Croatian heroes. During the holiday season you can send a card to a Croatian soldier through the partnership between CCRES and HVIDRA.
Volunteer at a church. Offer to help with the day care, cleaning the church, bringing fresh flowers for the services, or offer to do office work at the church administration office.
Donate clothing. Are your clothes too tight, too loose, tags still on something you never wore? Give it away. You can stop by your local RED CROSS or KARITAS , and many communities have drop-off boxes where you can leave your donated goods.
Give a new Toys .. Donate a brand new toy to your local children nursery to help bring joy to a child in need. Contact your children nursery to learn how you can donate.
Give to a local food bank.. You can donate a few of the canned goods you currently have in your pantry. With the recent economic crisis, food banks aren’t being given as much from donors and more people are needing to be served. Contact your local food bank today to find out how you can donate or visit
Donate books. If you have books that have not been read in over a year, chances are you are not going to ever read them again. Give them away! Donate your used books to libraries, schools, or shelters so someone else can enjoy them like you once did.
Making a Donation to the CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY CENTER (CCRES) Without generous private donations the CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES would be unable to continue the valuable work it does in bringing objective information to an often overheated debate.

Making a donation is simple: a cheque payable to CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES can be posted to the following address:


Medarska 24,

10 000 ,Zagreb,


or on


BANK ACCOUNT 2484008-1105745975

IBAN HR0324840081105745975