European Year of Volunteering 2011

The European Year of Volunteering is both a celebration and a challenge. It is a celebration of the commitment of millions of people in Europe who work in their communities during their free time without being paid – for example in schools, hospitals, and sports clubs, protecting the environment, providing social services and helping people in other countries. Their efforts and those of the many thousands of volunteering organisations make a huge difference to our lives in countless ways. The world would be much worse off without volunteers! The EYV is also a challenge to the three-quarters of the European population who do not do any volunteering. We would like to say to them that they can also make a difference.More info at
2011 is the European Year of Volunteering. Many events, exhibitions, live demonstrations and other activities will be taking place throughout Europe during the year.
EYV TOUR: Getting up close and personal with volunteers The EYV 2011 Tour will bring Europe closer to volunteers, but it will also bring volunteers closer to society as a whole.
EYV RELAY: Extraordinay stories for ordinary people Volunteers are at the heart of unique stories and intervention methods that demonstrate the value of human commitment to achieving unbelievable results.
CONFERENCES: Laying the foundations for a long-lasting EYV legacy The conferences will highlight the reality of volunteering in the Member States, and will contribute to the policy work and reform initiatives also being undertaken by the EYV2011 Alliance which will continue to bear fruit long after the end of the year.

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