Croatian Center of Renewable Energy Sources ( CCRES )
is a charitable, non-partisan, multi-stakeholder initiative working to protect Croatian’s environment and enhance our prosperity. CCRES provides credible research, robust policy proposals, and educational information on environmental pricing reform.
A broad and unusual alliance – leaders from business, non-profits, academia and more – supports CCRES.

In addressing climate change, a solid consensus has emerged on the importance of placing a price on emitted carbon, whether through a tax or cap-and-trade system. Our work focuses on designing a carbon pricing policy and market models that are pragmatic and workable.

It is at the community level that Croatia’s environmental and economic challenges meet. Small towns and large cities are on the front lines of environmental problems such as waste management, water quality and transportation. At the same time, they are where most of the country’s economic activity occurs – and where economic hardships are most keenly felt. Constrained by provincial law, many municipalities are looking for innovative solutions. CCRES focuses on developing a broad array of market-based instruments to help municipalities address environmental concerns while creating new sources of revenue.

Ecosystem markets represent a new way of understanding the value of our country’s rich natural capital, particularly their value to our economy. Such markets would reflect the true worth of these assets to our economy and quality of life and encourage greater attention to their preservation. While there is a growing international awareness of ecosystem markets, this concept has not yet fully informed Croatian policy or innovation. CCRES disseminates this body of knowledge and develops specific policy applications for Croatia.

In order to remain the “go to” organization for policy and market innovation, CCRES conducts research and development into emerging issues. In particular, we focus on market-based instruments, conducting original research in areas where we can make a unique contribution.
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