Recently, the state of Israel has decided to gradually move towards the production and consumption of green energy, namely solar and wind energy.

In this line, the Israel Government issued a legislation to grant private individuals the opportunity to participate in the production of some 30 MW to be sold directly to the Electricity Company of the country. This company is therefore bound, in virtue of the aforementioned Government legislation to commit to buy wind generated power from individuals for a period of 20 years, in accordance with the following scales:
1. Up to 15 KW, for a price of 1.68 NIS (this is approx. €0.33 Euro or $0.47) per KwH.
2. From 15 to 50 KW, for a price of 1.31 NIS (this is approx. €0.26 Euro r $0.37) per KwH.
Within this context, the territory of the Golan Heights has been identified as the best possible location in the country, due to its geographical conditions. In fact, the territory, situated to the far north of the country, has a height of between 900 and 1400 meters above sea level. This is why this territory is regarded as the first priority for the placement of wind power turbines to produce as much as possible of the initially planned for 30 MW.More info at
According to governmental bodies measurements of wind speed in some areas of the Golan Heights (above 900 meters above sea level on average), the average wind speed throughout the year is 8.3m/sec at about 20m hub height. However, it is important to stress that the project is to be implemented further to the northern part of the territories, with height of up to 1400 meters above sea level.
These conditions are true all year round, especially from autumn through spring (this is 9 month a year), but also during summer season with slightly lower records. Therefore, the area becomes the most adequate location to ensure the economic success of this project.
Green Golan is a young company established by a group of local professionals from varying backgrounds that intends to develop and implement a major wind power project in the northern part of the Golan Heights. In this part of the territory, the Green Golan Company is planning to cooperate with local land owners, in an area that extends over about 20 million square meters. The projected land is generally used for agricultural purposes by locals, and its ownership is widely split amongst small owners (some 2 to 5 thousand square meters for each owner).More info at
It is important to highlight that electricity supply lines are already available in and around the projected areas where wind power turbines would be installed. This will highly facilitate the direct connection of individual turbines to the electricity company. In addition, the Green Golan company already has topographical plans for the entire area. All potential locations are easily accessible, as they are already being used by the farmers to produce various fruits, especially apples and cherries.
While the company continues to look into potential donor funding for this initiative, several local banks have expressed their willingness and readiness to contribute to the funding of their project. However, the Green Golan company is open to discuss any additional proposals in this regard.
Based on the above, the Green Golan company intends to implement a wind power project that consists of the installation of small wind power turbines, in cooperation with individual land owners, to produce 50 KW in each case, with a total projected production of up to 20 MW. Generated power will then be directly sold to the national Electricity Company, who commits to buy all generated power for an initial period of 20 years. This will total 400 individual 50kW site connections to the local grid.
Therefore, the Green Golan company would like to invite proposals for the supply of wind power turbines that correspond to the following: Production capacity of up to and not exceeding 50 KW per hour, at a wind speed of 9 meters per second (this is, the production capacity should not exceed the said amount when the wind speed reaches 9 m/s, but may be less). Therefore, proposals shall include as much detailed technical specifications as possible, together with indicators of proved production capacity.
Based on the above figures, proposals should be made for the supply and installation of up to 400 turbines for the production of up to 20 MW.More info at

Proposals should be made to show the costs of supply (both at origin and on site) and installation separately. Suppliers are also welcomed to make comprehensive proposals for the construction of a complete plan of wind power turbines.
Prices should be expressed to also include maintenance costs (although we would be open to discuss the possibilities of training local teams to implement maintenance services in the future). Proposals should also include details of guarantees for the equipment, and any other relevant conditions.
Due to the high expectations and numerous expressions of interest received so far, through this renewed call for proposals the Green Golan Company is especially interested to learn about your readiness and conditions to supply and install, in situ, a pilot wind power turbine that corresponds to the required specifications. In addition, and in order to enable them to compare prices and funding conditions with already received proposals, they would be grateful for your indication of such conditions in your bid.
A perfect example of a most suitable turbine with high output at low winds and a great $/kwH ratio wind turbine is the 50kW BENZ – PMG DD 50 – Direct Drive – Permanent Magnet Wind Turbine from MyWindPowerSystem Ltd.
At a purchase price of only 92,000 EUR plus shipping and an expected annual power output of 396,610kwH at an average wind speed of 9m/sec, this reliable and low maintenance direct drive turbine can generate income in excess of €100,000 EUR per annum and produce a ROI (Return of Investment) in as little as 18-24 month (taking into account the cost for installation and costs for lease/profit share with the land owner).
Solution for home wind power systems

200 Watt (0.2KW) Wind Turbine (OFF-GRID)

Basic System includes: Wind Generator, Blades , Controller & free shipping

$471.00 USD
£ 302.81 GBP

This great 200 W Wind Generator can supply about 50kwh per month @ average wind speed of 12m/s per day and 210 hours per month (300w)

The all-new Angel 200 Wind Generator is quieter, more efficient and precision engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. The Angel 200 is the latest generation of small residential wind turbines with a beautiful, innovative and attractive design with many units sold all over the US, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Suitable Applications:

Sailboats – Recreational boating
Offshore beacons and remote monitoring equipment
Oceanside homes & cabins
Water pumping
Battery charging
Science & education projects

Easy to install
Low start up speed of 2m /s to 2.5m/s
Low Noise
Low –torque starting technique 0.7 N/m.
Low Weight – 25kg
Carbon Fiber Blades – 99% balance
Reinforced Tail with high anti storm protection
Automatic electronic brake controller
Constant-voltage charge control for stable output voltage
Fully compliant with CE and RoHS Regulations!


Željko Serdar
Head of association