The Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign showcases activities dedicated to energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. We think it’s time to form a bigger picture out of our isolated efforts to inspire change. Concretely the focus is on spreading best practice in sustainable energy technology, build alliances and inspire new energy ideas and actions. Any activity – be it a project or event – which you carry out to encourage the use of renewables or energy efficiency is welcome. There are no limits except that your action must support the overall goal: to spread inspiring stories and be coordinated from Europe. More than 250 new projects join each year and the Campaign promotes around 450 events.More info at Croatian Renewable Energy Center SOLAR SERDAR, European Chambers of Commerce and Industry launch Intelligent Energy Contact Points to help SMEs optimise their energy use SMEs are not best placed to become energy-efficient. According to a survey on SMEs and energy by Eurochambres, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry, « the smaller it is, the less time, personnel and funds are allocated to energy topics ». The survey clearly suggests that better information and advice, as well as funding schemes and financial incentives, would deliver considerable improvements in energy efficiency among Europe’s 20 million SMEs. Thanks to their close daily contacts with the business community, Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) can support SMEs to take better account of rational energy use. This is why Eurochambres has launched, with the financial support of the European Commission’s Intelligent Energy Europe Programme, a project called CHANGE, whereby CCIs will act as first ports of call for SMEs on energy efficiency matters. Within the 60 participating CCIs, specially trained advisers will facilitate SMEs’ access to information. They will organise workshops and information events, and encourage SMEs to carry out energy efficiency audits. Eurochambres aims to reach some 12,000 SMEs with information on intelligent energy issues.More info at Croatian Renewable Energy Center SOLAR SERDAR, If energy efficiency and renewable energy matter to you, then you are a potential Energy Day organiser, whether you are: A local or regional authority A company, business organisation or chamber of commerce, university A consumer association, citizen group or NGO, a university or research, think tank What is an Energy Day? Energy days can be any event or happening to promote energy efficiency or renewable energy – from exhibitions, conferences, online events, performances to guided tours, open door days, workshops, media campaigns, concerts and much more… Here are a few ideas: Guided visits and tours for the general public to companies, public administrations, private homes or other organisations that use renewable energy sources or implement energy efficient technologies Educational activities and programmes assisting children to discover and learn about energy efficiency techniques and renewable energy Open door days, during which the general public visits organisations to learn more about energy efficient and renewable energy measures on the premises Exhibitions and fairs, where public and private organisations demonstrate and explain their energy technologies to the wider public Opening ceremonies, inaugurations, exhibitions and shows aimed at the wider public and showcasing innovative renewable energy technologies, energy efficient methods or alternative methods of transport. Croatian Renewable Energy Center SOLAR SERDAR