SOLAR SERDAR recommends SANYO Solar
SANYO Solar is one of the most important international solar companies. For more than 30 years we have been setting standards for the development of new, innovative and high performance photovoltaic products. Because SANYO has focused on renewable energies technologies, we are significantly contributing to ensuring that the rising worldwide demand for energy can continue to be met in the future.

In Photovoltaics, the sun’s radiation energy is transformed into electric energy. This is accomplished by means of solar cells. As a rule, solar cells consist of the semiconductor silicon, which is particularly suitable for the manufacture of solar cells because of its high availability, low raw material costs and simple transformation. Semiconductors are substances that become electrically conductive when they are exposed to light or heat. Solar cells are essentially structured into two layers, where one layer is negatively charged and the other holds a positive charge. As soon as sunlight strikes the layers, a voltage tension develops between the two layers. This generates direct current within the solar cell. In order to be able to use this current, photovoltaic systems have a power inverter or AC converter. The inverter converts the direct current generated by the cells into alternating current, which can then be used for household purposes or to be fed into the public electricity grid.
There is much talk about Photovoltaics nowadays. It is one of the most important milestones when it comes to our future energy supply. Photovoltaic systems already hedge against the constantly rising costs of fossil fuels. Furthermore, they boost the value of a building and help to safeguard your retirement.

What are the advantages of solar energy and photovoltaic systems? We can provide several answers to this question:
Photovoltaic systems are government-sponsored
Photovoltaic systems frequently generate greater returns than a savings account or term deposit
Photovoltaic systems pay off even in low-light countries like Germany
Photovoltaic systems cut emissions of the climate killer CO2
Photovoltaic system prices are becoming increasingly competitive
Photovoltaic systems can be funded with favourable government credits
As in acquiring a solar system you are making a long-term and high value investment, the quality of the individual modules is determining. You should therefore choose a brand that will give you a definite reliability guarantee and which you can trust. SANYO has been one of the most innovating companies in solar technology for more than three decades, and has installed more than 1.2 million modules in Europe alone.

Our track record is the only way we can guarantee our customers onething: decades of trouble-free operation and constant high performance of our Modules. SANYO PV Modules are characterised by a particularly high degree of efficiency and robust quality. More info at

Our Modules are certified by internationally renowned, independent testing bodies such as the TÜV Rheinland, and meet European standards. We will be happy to give you that assurance in writing together with our comprehensive service warranties.

Our goal is to provide you with a product that meets all your service and quality requirements and thatwill ultimately give you much more. SANYO Solar Modules have received many awards and are highly appreciated by professional installers.
Even if here we get a little more technical, if you would like to know more about modern solar cells and SANYO’s innovative HIT technology, it’s worth taking a closer look.
The HIT technology – Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin Layer – is atrailblazing SANYO development. Our HIT Solar Cells consist of a thinsingle crystal Wafer coated with an ultrathin amorphous (i.e., noncrystal)Silicon layer.The surface loss frequently seen in solar cells is reduced, resulting in a high level of performance.More info at
SANYO’s HIT Double® Modules generate solar electricity simultaneously on the front and on the back side. The back side of the Modules takes up environmental light reflected from surrounding surfaces. This additional amount of light is combined with the light taken up by the front side of the Module. As compared to our single-side HIT Modules,energy generation can be increased by up to 20% per square meter with the HIT Double® Modules by virtue of their special design. The HITDouble® by SANYO are also some of the highest performance modules currently available.
Use your roof as a small, ecologically valuable power station. Our examples show you how SANYO Solar Modules can be fitted to a building in many different and flexible ways. After the installation your electricity meter will show you how much you’re earning every day with your new SANYO solar system.More info at
In many European countries it is also financially advantageous to build large photovoltaic plants and to sell the electricity thus generated at a profit. However, their design, construction and operation is more complex than is the case for home systems.

Thus e.g. meeting scheduled deadlines and managing the flow of financial resources as well as development and construction require special attention. For such projects we work with different partners specialising in the pertinent tasks on a Europe-wide basis.
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