SOLAR SERDAR recommends SMA Solar Technology

recommends SMA Solar Tehnology

Company Profile
About SMA America, LLC

SMA America, LLC is the U.S. subsidiary of SMA Solar Technology AG, based in Germany. With over three gigawatts installed, SMA is the world leader in solar inverter technology and manufacturing with divisions in nine countries on four continents. SMA is committed to its leadership role, offering exceptional value with the most efficient and reliable solar inverters in the industry.  SMA takes special pride in promoting renewable energy solutions at all levels, through education, information and support for the general public, solar installers as well as small and large businesses worldwide.

About SMA Solar Technology AG

SMA Solar Technology AG develops, produces and sells solar inverters and monitoring systems for photovoltaic applications. SMA is the world’s largest producer in this segment and is the only vendor that has a product range with the matching inverter type for any module type and any power class. This applies for grid tied applications as well as island and backup operation.

The inverter is technologically the most important component in any solar power system: it converts the direct current generated in photovoltaic cells into alternating current suitable for the grid. In addition, it is an intelligent system manager, responsible for yield monitoring and grid management. Solar inverters are characterized by a particularly high efficiency. The Sunny Mini Central produced by SMA already has an efficiency of over 98 %, which allows for increased electricity production.

SMA’s business model is driven by technological progress. Due to its flexible and scalable production, SMA is in a position to quickly respond to customer demands and promptly implement product innovations. This allows the Company to easily keep pace with the dynamic market trends of the photovoltaic industry and at the same time absorb short-term fluctuations in demand for solar inverters.

SMA Solar Technology AG is headquartered in Niestetal, near Kassel, and is represented by sales and service subsidiaries on four continents in thirteen countries. This group of companies employs more than 5,500 employees (incl. temporary staff) and has been distinguished several times in previous years with awards for its outstanding performance as an employer. Since June 27, 2008, the Company has been listed in the Prime Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (S92), and since September 22, 2008, the Company’s shares have been listed in the TecDAX. In 2009, SMA generated an earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of more than € 228 million from a turnover of more than
€ 934 million. This corresponds to an EBIT margin of over 24 %.

Technological Leaders
As technological leaders, we know what our clients want: SMA develops and manufactures highly efficient solar inverters for any installation size, all power classes and any specifications worldwide, regardless of the type of solar modules.

Unequaled for innovation
Whether it is the Electronic Solar Switch, OptiTrac or H5-Topology: with our speed for innovation we leave others far behind us. A development team with 450 members and at least five innovations a year speak for themselves.

13 foreign subsidiaries on four continents: we are a strong partner for our clients worldwide. With the Sunny PRO Club and the SMA Solar Academy. And an exceptional service concept.

Either one has it or not: experience is irreplaceable. In our case it consists of 29 years in systems technology for photovoltaics. Perhaps this is the reason why our inverters are more reliable and long-lived than any other device on the market.

Grid-Tied Inverters
SMA Inverters – The Heart of Every Solar Power System

Harness the energy of the sun – with a solar inverter from SMA. Inverters convert the direct current electricity generated by solar panels info grid-compatible alternating current. They are the heart of every solar power system.

As the global leader in solar inverters, SMA is continually on the cutting-edge: industry-leading efficiencies of 98% and superior German engineering ensure reliable and carefree operation.

From kilowatt to megawatt, we offer you the right device for any application, regardless of module type or grid connection status.

For small and mid-range systems

The Sunny Boy solar inverters characterize the Technology- and Quality-Leadership of our company. They are optimally suitable for use in small and mid-range systems. They impress with first class efficiency, user-friendliness and reliability.

The Sunny Boys have been repeatedly acclaimed – and are constantly developing. Our new Generation come with innovative technologies such as OptiTrac and H5-Topology. These make the device even more efficient – and therefore ensure a very good solar yield.

The flexible solution for commercial PV systems

SMA brings you the best in commercial inverter solutions: the Sunny Tower. Designed with the installer in mind, we’ve combined ease of installation, lowest specific cost ($/watt), and the highest efficiency to maximize rebates and power production while minimizing your payback period. The Sunny Tower combines all the advantages of string inverters with the installation advantages of central inverters. The Sunny Tower offers you the flexibility and reliability you’ve come to expect from SMA.

Central Inverters
– High Tech for solar power stations

We have developed the Sunny Centrals specially for use in large PV power stations and open-field plants. Hence they possess completely special properties. String monitoring, capacity for teamwork and the ability to feed into the medium-voltage power grid make them first choice for PV systems with homogenous structure.

The Sunny Centrals are easy to install – indoors as well as outdoors. With peak efficiencies of over 98 % they belong to the most efficient central inverters on the market. maximum reliability and durability furthermore ensures the greatest investment security.More info at

Off-Grid Inverters
SUNNY ISLAND – The Versatile System Manager

The Sunny Island offers you an innovative solution for the installation of self-sufficient energy systems. In conjunction with a battery pack, the devices form a high quality, stand-alone AC voltage grid.

In the Sunny Island system, electricity generators and consumers are integrated. PV and wind energy systems, diesel devices, water or CHP (Combined Heat and Power) can be AC coupled as conventional 120 volt consumers.

The Sunny Island offers installers two decisive advantages. During system planning and layout, you enjoy premium versatility. During installation, complex DC cabling is not required.

SUNNY ISLAND 5048 / 5048USThe Island Manager

Commissioning within minutes: the Sunny Island 5048 makes it possible. All required operational settings can be made quickly and easily in just a few steps. The Sunny Island 5048 is flexible in its application, extendable and takes on all control processes. Its first-class battery management ensures maximum battery life. In addition, the device features an impressive high-efficiency, ergonomic die-cast aluminum enclosure and an OptiCool active cooling system. The Sunny Island is also available in a UL-compliant 5048-US version with an output rating of 120 V and 60 Hz for the North American market.

SUNNY ISLAND 3324 / 4248 / 4248USStand-alone grids easier than ever

Easy installation, safe operation and outstanding price-performance ratio: the Sunny Island 3324 and 4248 battery inverters are especially suitable for use in small and mid-sized stand-alone grids. The Sunny Island 4248-US model is available for countries with voltage systems compatible with the U.S. standard. The devices guarantee a reliable and high-quality power supply. Due to their outstanding overload capabilities and the fact that they are designed to withstand high ambient temperatures, these devices can be used under extreme weather conditions.More info at

Wind Energy

 – Grid-Connected Small Wind Energy Inverters

The grid-coupling of small wind energy plants is simpler than ever – with the Windy Boy from SMA. It converts the variable frequency voltage from wind generators into grid-conforming AC voltage. The energy can then be used, with excess energy being fed back into the main utility grid. The Windy Boy works in perfect tandem with the Sunny Island, creating stand-alone grids for the electrification of remote areas.

The Windy Boys are suitable for wind generators from a wide variety of manufacturers and power classes. They guarantee an optimal power adjustment and very high energy yields.

They are also versatile and optimally suited for worldwide use – enclosed in a protective housing, the SMA Grid Guard disconnection device, the electric separation to the grid along with an automatic 50 or 60 Hz recognition.

WINDY BOY 5000-US / 6000-US / 7000-US / 8000-USA cost-effective option with UL certification

Maximum energy yields for a growing market: the Windy Boy inverters for countries with UL certification feature premium efficiency. They are easy to combine, and more than one device can be operated on a single wind power plant, which makes it possible to easily connect plants with higher power to the grid. The automatic grid voltage detection* allows for a straightforward and secure installation. The galvanic isolation also ensures safety as well as flexible connection options. The weather-proof enclosure and the wide temperature range allow for installation at almost any location. Four devices, a single technology: the best choice for small wind plants over 5 kW.

WINDY BOY 3000-USA reliable option with UL certification

User-friendly, safe and reliable: the Windy Boy 3000-US is specially certified for the US market. The automatic grid voltage detection* allows for a straightforward and secure installation. The aluminum die-cast enclosure and the OptiCool active cooling system ensure optimal yield as well as a long lifespan, even under adverse operating conditions. More info at

Monitoring Systems
Keep Every Cent – Continually Monitor System Performance

With the decision to install a PV system, your customers also commit to a long-term investment. This means that it is essential that the system function smoothly at all times.

Our products for system monitoring offer you a wide range of possibilities: wireless or Internet-based, compact or complex, concise or elaborate. Regardless of whether you want to monitor the yield of a home roof system or of an open-field solar power station, you will find the perfect solution for every application with SMA Monitoring.

SUNNY BEAM with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology
The all-in-one service package for the home

Informative, compact, and easy to operate: Sunny Beam with Bluetooth doesn’t just look good, it’s an innovative monitoring solution. The key data is visible on its large graphic display: daily profile, current output, as well as daily and total energy yield. The performance of up to 12 inverters, the monthly overview, the energy yield in euros, and the CO2 savings can all be accessed with one hand. Data for a minimum of 90 days is stored in the device and can be transmitted to a PC via a USB cable – without an Aadditional program. And in the event of errors, the Sunny Beam can also be set up to emit an acoustic signal.

Remote monitoring and maintenance of large solar power plants

System monitoring, remote diagnosis, data storage and visualization: the Sunny WebBox is the high-performance communication hub for medium- to large-scale solar power plants. It continuously collects all the data from the inverters on the system side, thereby keeping you informed of the system‘s status at any given time. The Sunny WebBox is a multi-functional, energy-efficient data logger which offers a wealth of options for displaying, archiving and processing data, even in networks with strict security regulations. In case of the event “Error”, the WebBox informs you immediately by e-mail or text message*. Even from remote locations where no DSL or telephone connection is available, measurement data can be transmitted to the Sunny Portal via a GSM modem.

Professional management, monitoring and presentation of PV systems

Whether for a small home system or a large solar park – central administration and monitoring of several PV plants saves time and money. Plant operators, installers and SMA service technicians have access to key data at any time, from any location. Pre-configured standard pages can be easily customized or supplemented with individually designed pages. Whether as a data table or as a highly configurable diagram: SMA solutions allow almost infinite options for analyzing measured data or visualizing yields. The yields of all inverters in a plant are compared fully automatically, permitting detection of even the smallest deviations. And the powerful reporting functions provide regular updates via E-mail to help insure yields.

More information:

The weather station for PV plants

The Sunny SensorBox is installed directly onto the modules and measures the sun radiation and temperature. In combination with Sunny WebBox and Sunny Portal, it provides a continuous target-actual comparison of plant performance. This makes it possible to detect shade, dirt, and gradually declining performance in a generator and thus maximizes yield security. Additional sensor for optional measurement of ambient temperature or wind speed permit more precise calculations.More info at

Free design and presentation support

Whether you need data archiving, a visual format to display your energy production or system design support, our software offers a solution. It is suitable for all system sizes, is easy to use, and is configured to work seamlessly with other SMA components.

We gladly provide our software to download free of charge.

The free PC software solution

Switch on your laptop or PC, activate the Bluetooth interface, and start Sunny Explorer – that’s all that’s needed to give operators and installers an overview of their PV plant. The free PC software is thus the optimum addition to the new generation of inverters with integrated Bluetooth. The key plant data can be visualized on the PC or laptop – quickly and wirelessly with Bluetooth. Energy values and events can be archived long-term by means of data export in CSV format, and processed and visualized in Excel. Sunny Explorer also provides support during inverter parameterization: because no complicated cabling is needed, PV plant maintenance is convenient and fast.

System design made easy

With Sunny Design, the design of solar systems is easier than ever: simply enter all required details and within a few minutes you will receive the optimal system configuration. The free software gives installation engineers and system planners a user-friendly interface, and a practical input wizard helps with any questions. The software delivers data for an economic evaluation of the system along with a technical verification of the various components. Thus, the end customer gains a tailor-made PV system and the installation engineers save valuable time.

FlashviewProfessional plant presentation free of charge

Yields, current output, environmental and ambient data: Flashview presents solar plants on an ordinary display attached to a PC. Different display views either switch automatically or can be manually selected by the viewer. Flashview queries the plant data from Sunny WebBox via an existing network connection – optionally via the Internet from any location in the world. And you can integrate images of your own plant as well as external RSS feeds.

Everything under Control

Sunny Data Control is the ideal addition for system monitoring with Sunny Boy Control and a PC. The free software archives the data from the data logger long-term on the PC, evaluates and presents it visually on the monitor.

A further advantage: Sunny Data Control can be configured to directly communicate with your inverter and a PC. Thus it is possible to set your system’s parameters without a data logger.

SMA Solarchecker
 – Does Solar Power on My Roof Make Sense?
iPhone-App for estimating the yield of PV plant.

“Is it worth having a photovoltaic plant on my roof?” A question that many home owners are asking themselves. Specialists who own an iPhone 3GS can reply in just a few seconds – thanks to the Solarchecker from SMA. The application for the iPhone estimates the possible current yield of a PV plant in no time at all – directly on site.

How to find SMA ?
SMA America, LLC
6020 West Oaks Blvd
Rocklin, CA 95765 U.S.A.

Tel. +1 916 625 0870
Fax +1 916 625 0871
Toll Free 1-888-4SMAUSA



CROATIAN CENTER of RENEWABLE ENERGY SOURCES (CCRES)• was founded in 1988 as the non-profit European Association for Renewable Energy that conducts its work independently of political parties, institutions, commercial enterprises and interest groups, • is dedicated to the cause of completely substituting for nuclear and fossil energy through renewable energy, • regards solar energy supply as essential to preserve the natural resources and a prerequisite for a sustainable economy,• acts to change conventional political priorities and common infrastructures in favor of renewable energy, from the local to the international level, • brings together expertise from the fields of politics, economy, science, and culture to promote the entry of solar energy, • provides the opportunity to play a part in the sociocultural movement for renewable energy by joining the association for everyone, • considers full renewable energy supply a momentous and visionary goal - the challenge of the century to humanity. Zeljko Serdar Head of CCRES association
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